Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha

        In this section, Videos (short Movies, Movies, Animation, etc.) about Buddhism are divided into groups as follow:


        Story of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas,Patriarchs, etc.

        Buddha’s Teachings: Dharma or Sutras

        Dharma Discussion and Dharma Lecturing:  Dharma Discussions are provided by Buddhism followers, Buddhism Practitioners and Buddhists, Dharma Lecturing are provided by Monks and Nuns because Monks and Nuns are responsible for what they teach, their teachings are knowledgeable and no kidding.  All of the Dharma Discussion are personally reviewed by me for their truth, effectiveness and edutainment (Education and Entertainment).

        Proofs and Facts: BUDDHA’s Teachings are Real

        Pure Land Buddhism

        Practicing Buddhism:  These Videos (short Movies, Movies, Animations, etc. ) of practicing Buddhism are mainly for Buddhists.  Becoming a Buddhist requires keeping the 5 Precepts, dedication, knowledge of Buddha's Teachings and regular Chantings.  Every Buddhist in the world can learn more about practicing Buddhism by watching these videos.  Even though they are not comprehensive but they can provide you good knowledge of how to practicing Buddhism on your level.  If you became a Buddhist from temples and monasteries you are welcome to learn more here.


         Application of Buddhism in life:  These Videos of practicing Buddhism are for all human beings.  You like Buddhism and believe in BUDDHA's Teachings?  Those are very good for you.  No matter who you are, you can still learn and apply what you know into your life so that your life can become better.  BUDDHA's Teachings are not only for Boddhisattvas, Gods, Deities, Saints, Monks, and Buddhists (the orders of these sentient beings' names can be changed because their names are in general term for different levels).  They are Absolute, Perpetual, Forever TRUTHS.  They are True Education for every Human Being too.




       Please click on the appropriate tab to learn more and Remember:  Buddhism is All about Practicing and Applying of what BUDDHA's Teachings into your life (temporary (current) life and spiritual life).  Nothing practicing and/or nothing applying is nothing gain for your better life, especially for your spiritual life. 


        In this section, I will upload some videos and movies about Buddhism for you to learn.  By watching and listening you can learn better.  It takes a long time to upload a video or movie. 


        There is a video about Amitabha Buddha song, belong to Pure Land Buddhism:  1


        There is a video about reciting the Buddha's name:  Namo Amituofo with 1  mala = 108 repetitions.  Amituofo means Amitabha or Amitabha Buddha in Chinese. This is one of good ways to recite Buddha's name with Visual imagination.  This video relates to Pure Land Buddhism:  1






  Excerpt of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra


        Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra is also known as Earth Store Boddhisattva Sutra.  To know more about this Sutra, please read Earth Store Boddhisattva Sutra in The Buddha's Teachings section:  1


 Sufferings in cycles of rebirth 


        In this animation, you see different sentient beings suffered in cycles of rebirth. They are beings in hell (they suffer in extremely hot and cold temperature and punishments, for more info of their sufferings, see The Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra in Buddha's Teachings section), hungry ghosts or hungry spirits (they can't eat anything because food are turned into fire whenever they try to eat.  They are extremely starved because their stomachs are as big as drums but their necks are as small as needles, for more info of their sufferings, see The Lotus Sutra in Buddha's Teachings section), animals (they suffer because their bodies are always a hunting target of bigger animals whenever they are hungry, starved, dislike, angry, etc.), human beings (they suffer because of great sufferings in the tomb of the mom, old age, sickness, death, far away from love ones, stay near dislike ones, unsatisfied wishes, and many sufferings caused by their unreal (current) mind and unreal (current) body.  Asuras or gods of war (they suffer because their beautiful female Asuras are always stolen by Heavenly beings, their ripen fruits from the trees that they grow are always grown on the territories of Heavenly beings.  Heavenly beings are always the ones that enjoy all the ripen fruits.  Asuras can eat food, but they can eat only 50% of what they have.  They hate Heavenly beings and make wars to them many times, but whenever they fight with gods (or Gods) they must accept defeats because they don't have enough powers.  They always in upset or angry mood.  Heavenly beings or Gods (even though of great great merits or good karmas that they accumulate to become gods (or Gods), and even though they can live very long (or extremely long seem like "forever") in very comfortable environment while eating, drinking, flying around to have fun, have fun with pretty "girls", playing chess, joking around, meditation and many other enjoyable activities, at last they die and born AGAIN in the cycles of rebirth.  In this animation and I only explain a few examples of sufferings of sentient beings who are born and live in the Samsara (cycles of rebirth). When you read the Sutras of Buddha's Teachings, you will know much much more.  How many sufferings that you have in just ONE current human life?  Many?  A few?  because you are born in a rich family and not worried about the money at all?  But there is a truth that BUDDHA said:  "Anyone can die at anytime".  The only easy and sure way to get out of cycles of rebirth and there are no more reincarnation so there are no more sufferings IS to practise Pureland Buddhism to be born in Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha.  This only way is preached by Shakyamuni Buddha, and are happily agreed by all the Buddhas in the Universe, for me and for you, to know:  1