Worship In The Six Directions Sutra


Namo Sakyamuni Buddha

Namo Bhaisajaguru Medicine Buddha

Namo Amitabha Buddha

Namo Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

Namo Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha

Namo Maitreya, the Future Buddha

Namo Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Namo Bodhisattva Manjusri


One morning, young Sigala

Dressed and well-groomed, prayed six directions

The Buddha asked: “To what do you pray?”

He explained:

“Father said, every morning, pray like this.”

The Buddha taught:

“You are wrong, sincere pray is in heart.”

You should know:

“The six evil karmas, cease them now!”

No to drink, not to bet

Not to loaf, no bad friends

Not to gossip, not to cheat

Reject these wrongs, pray six ways

Wrong-doers, pray uselessly

You should know, how to cultivate your mind!


1. Pray to East

For Parents, keep to rules

Dawn to dusk, do your chores,

Always help out, love them both mom and dad.

When they are ill, find them a cure.

Take care of them well in old age.

Parents too, fulfil duties:

Teach and guide, the right way

Should coax child, to play with good

Make child try to study well

When at age, help them with marriage

Build them home, teach them work.


2. Pray to South:

For teacher, show respect, and obey

Strive for best, be eager.

You must praise, the Teacher’s efforts.

Be a teacher, is so hard

Be hard-working, teach quickly

Hope students, accomplish well.

Study well, better than others

With your ability, make them know

Explain doubtful points fluently.


3. Pray to West

For spouses

Be cheerful to husband, when husband leaves and returns

Take care of home

Be faithful

Be loyal

Share all thing, not for self

When he’s mad, don’t hold a grudge.

When he’s correct, should listen

Take care of household

When he sleeps, then you sleep.

Husband rules, should be kind

When wife leaves and returns, then greet her

Eat when time, sleep when time

So that wife won’t worry

Buy her things to your best

Purchase clothes and jewelry.

Give her charge of income

Both spend funds, don’t hide it.

Always love her, from start to end

Be faithful, have one wife.


4. Pray to North

For friends, explain faults

Avoid wrongs

Aid friends, when in need

Know burden to others

Keep in touch, don’t forget

Private things, don’t disclose

If rich give poor, if strong give hand

Share the joys and sorrows

Erase temper and avarice.

Once angered always forgive


5. Pray to Ground

For bosses, when command

See if able

If at fault, delay rage

Look at fault, weigh motives

Recall traits, ease sentence

When he is ill, be caring

Give him drugs, don’t regret

Reward good, favor none.

Possessions, his to keep

Keep separate, take them not

For worker

Rise early, before boss

Complete tasks, best you can

Food you eat, do not waste

Have respect, greet master

Compliment, not degrade.


6. Pray to Sky

Follow thoughts, of true hearts

You listen and follow

Be eager of knowledge

Hear but know, know but do

Deep concepts, require search

For sages, teach others

Preach moral, not to be free.

Love all things, save all beings

Show them peace, teach them giving

Teach them “ease at heart,” act in “rules.”

Reticence, be hard-working

Teach them “vow,” contentment to Pure Land.

These six guides, once mastered

You have reached, end of prayer.

Sigala bowed, asked three refuges

Buddha consoled him and said:

Don’t sleep late, rise early

Clasp both hands, prepare pray

First Buddha, wish later:

Be thankful of the past

These six paramitas, must practice

Don’t be dark, then things clear

Learn to “give,” no more greed.

Hold temper, be patience

If you try, you won’t fail.

Do not wander, you will be free

Lazy not, time passes fast

Born, sick, age, death is last.

Life is dear, it is short.

Where’s kinsman, when you die

There is no cure, or can hide

Life is like, a crossing

Like child wife, like mom dad

Live unite, die and part

Life is that, constant change

In six roads, life is that

Maybe for now, you are born a man

Good Buddha, brings success

Help self first, then others

Conquer bad, boat search near

Buddha’s land, Amitabha

Helps mankind, opens path.

Everybody! Pray for this!

Buddha taught, he listens

Then rejoiced: Enlightened.